Platform: Web Browser

Team size: three, Me (Design/Writing/Scripting/Animation), Brett Camper (Design/Programming), Yue Li (Art/Animation)

Engine and tools: HTML5

What I did: I was the co-initiator and main designer on the project. My responsibilities included core systems design, level design, npc behavior design, combat system design, combat system implementation, documentation for all design, dialogue writing, and combat animation creation.



¡Quixote! is a loose video game adaptation of the novel Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. It uses global mapping meta-data to generate game spaces based on real world cities, but done in the style of a 1980s pixel art video game, like Dragon Quest or Legend of Zelda.

¡Quixote! is a "swashbuckling simulator" about being a real world person who imagines they are a video game hero. The main activity is going around a real world space, Central Park in New York City, and looking for opportunities to be heroic.

"Heroic" involves challenging everyday people to duels. Some humor you, some do not. Can you survive modern day New York without breaking the delicate fantasy you've built for yourself?



I was the co-initiator of the project. My coding partner Brett Camper and I came up with the core concept together.

I was the main designer on the project, doing all the design heavy-lifting, including fleshing out details based on discussion and creating meticulous documentation.

With the foundational frameworks provided by my coding partner, I scripted all the game content, including level design and npc artificial intelligence routines.

I was the writer, crafting all pc and npc dialogue.

Finally, I did a bit of animation, crafting most of the combat animations based on our artist's templates.




key art